Clive Handforth
Clive Handforth is a main character in LittleBigPlanet 2 and the Creator Curator of The Factory of a Better Tomorrow. Clive is a member of The Alliance and the owner of a successful calendar factory. Life was good until The Negativatron struck, discarding Clive and taking over his factory. He then helps with Sackboy to free the imprisoned Sackbots the Negativatron stored in the factory and helps defeat him with The Alliance. Clive is a very depressed character due to his past.


Clive has a teal notebook/calendar head and a grey and black eraser body. His limbs are chained paperclips and his hands and feet are teal paper. Clive's facial expressions are drawn on his face with blue ink.

Game AppearancesEdit


  • Clive's name was originally going to be Clyde.
  • Clive's development has changed frequently before the game.
  • Clive is almost always gloomy until the end.
  • As seen in Larry's paintings, Clive graduated along with Avalon Centrifuge and Dr. Herbert Higginbotham.
  • Clive was the second to join The Alliance.