Colonel Flounger
Colonel Flounder is a main character in LittleBigPlanet PS Vita and the Creator Curator of La Marionetta. He was once the pride and fame of Carnivalia as a puppet. His strings were pulled by The Puppeteer, along with his other puppet friends. After some time, the magic faded, so the puppeteer threw away all his puppets, including Flounder. After The Puppeteer came to his senses, he longed for his friends. His last tear fell, creating a magic that brought Flounder and the other puppets to life. Flounder found Sackboy and warned him before entering Carnivalia.

It was now taken over by the angry puppeteer, who took joy from people, including all of Craft World, and turned it into live puppets, also known as The Hollow, to replace his old friends, which turned out evil. After some proper training, Sackboy was ready to save Craft World. After The Hollow were defeated, the real Puppeteer came and reunited with his live puppet friends. Flounder then continued the life of a true Carnivalian as the ringmaster of the Puppeteer's new performances.


Flounder has a cardboard head and a long, wooden nose. He has a crazy black moustache and wears a ringmaster hat and red jacket and blue pants with buttons. He also has chicken legs and wears white gloves.

Game AppearancesEdit


  • Clolonel Flounder has a Russian accent.
  • Flounder doesn't always seem as brave, as seen in The Land of Odd.
  • At first, Flounder adresses Sackboy as Boysack by accident.
  • Flounder slightly resembles Larry Da Vinci in a way, training Sackboy.
  • A flounder is a fish.