Dr. Herbert Higginbotham
Dr. Herbert Higginbotham is a main character in LittleBigPlanet 2 and the Creator Curator of The Cosmos. He is a loony member of The Alliance who was at Eve's Asylum after getting bit by a MeanieSackboy and Eve Silva Paragorica help get rid of the infection so Herbert could help fix Huge Spaceship in Avalonia. Though the infection was gone, it is revealed that Herbert really does have a wacky mind. After fixing the ship, Herbert pilots The Alliance to go save Craft World from The Negativatron. Herbert specializes in fixing things.


Herbert Higginbotham has a pink/purple matchbox head with matches for teeth. His nose is cut out and he grows a white moustache with white tufts of hair around his cardboard ears. He wears a top hat with a red band and a red bowtie. He also wears a red, orange, green, pink, and blue waistcoat and yellow trousers with is brown and white shoes.

Game AppearancesEdit


  • While infected, Herbert has tried to eat everyone's socks and trying to lick his own eyes, including Eve.
  • Herbert Higginbotham has a few arcade games in store in The Cosmos. 
  • While infected, Herbert has swirly eyes and Meanie horns, but his real eyes are sagged.
  • Herbert may not like Avalon, because as seen in his Asylum room, there is a dartboart with Avalon's face.
  • As a child, Herbert was bald.