Eve Silva Paragorica
Eve Silva Paragorica is a main character and Creator Curator of Eve's Asylum. She is a hispanic member of The Alliance and nurse of her tree asylum. When her tree was attacked by The Negativatron's Meanies, she needed desperate help to calm the patients who were trapped in the asylum. Sackboy comes in to help, accompanied by Clive Handforth. After all is well in her tree, she and Sackboy cure Dr. Herbert Higginbotham's infection of a Meanie bite. They then set back to Avalonia with Herbert's help to fix Huge Spaceship and save Craft World.


Eve has an apple head with a bite in her right eye where there is an eyepatch. She wears a white cage around her head with a red cross on top. She has black hair with stars running down and a white dress with boots with red stripes. Her shoulders are red and black and she wears white gloves. While neutral, her eyes are black. While happy, her eyes are pink hearts. While gloomy, her eyes fill up with tears. While frightened, her eyes turn bright green. And while angry, her eyes turn fiery red.

Game AppearancesEdit


  • Eve is the only one in the Alliance who didn't fight against The Negativatron.
  • Eve is the only one (besides Avalon) who doesn't speak in a Brittish accent.
  • Eve was originally going to have a green worm in her cage.
  • As a child, Eve had both her eyes.
  • Eve's name may come from Adam and Eve, who bit into a forbidden apple.