Larry Da Vinci
Larry Da Vinci is a main character in LittleBigPlanet 2 and the Creator Curator of Da Vinci's Hideout. He first appears in LittleBigPlanet 2 as the leader of The Alliance who saved Sackboy from his near death. Afterwards, he trains him to join The Alliance and save Craft World from the evil Negativatron who is sucking up the world's creations. Larry leads his team to victory with some major help from Sackboy and they save Craft World. Da Vinci specializes in art and inventing.


Larry is a cardboard man with an old man accent and wears cardboard 3-D glasses. His beard is made of shredded newspaper and his limbs are all made of cardboard, and he has brown boots, a belt, and blue pants and a shirt.


Victoria Von BathysphereEdit

Victoria Von Bathysphere is a close friend of Larry and a member of The Alliance. Larry  has a crush on her, and is always expressing his emotions to her, calling her "Sponge Cake" or "Lemon Frosting." Victoria never returns his feeling though, but they are good friends and work together well. As seen in one of Larry's paintings, Larry has had this romance since his childhood. At the end credits, they are seen chasing eachother with hearts floating above their heads.

Avalon CentrifugeEdit

Avalon Centrifuge is a member of The Alliance. He and Larry often argue, and Avalon annoys him once and awile with his vanity. Though the two argue, they are good friends, and Larry has feelings for Avalon, as seen when Avalon is kidnapped by the Negativatron in The Cosmos


As Sackboy's greatful trainer, Larry and Sackboy make a great team. Larry had saved Sackboy before being sucked into the Negativatron's vaccum mouth, and had carried him down to his hideout and trained him for The Alliance. Sack boy made a great member and defeated The Negativatron.

Game AppearancesEdit


  • Larry Da Vinci's name comes from the famous Leonardo Da Vinci, a famous inventor and artist.
  • Larry always adresses Victoria by cake names, proving he likes her.
  • Larry has changed appearance during development; he used to have a paper moustache.
  • When Larry was a kid, he grew paper hair, wore a propeller hat, and 3-D glasses.
  • Larry is the leader of The Alliance.