Victoria Von Bathysphere is a main character in LittleBigPlanet 2 and the creator curator of Victoria's Labratory. Victoria is a member of The Alliance. She is a baketress who invents machines and bakes cakes at her bakery. She often worries a lot, and her inventions usually turn out wrong, turning evil due to The Negativatron. She has a major role in The Alliance by inventing the Sackbot. Her sackbots are taken away to The Factory of a Better Tomorrow, much to her dismay. She helps Sackboy defeat the Negativatron and shows him how to use the Grabinator. Victoria specializes in inventing and baking.

Victoria later appears in Rise of the Cakeling when another one of her creations go wrong. Her newly invented Brain Crane accedintly meshes in with a baked cake, creating another monster. Soon after, Sackboy comes in to help.


Victoria is a huminoid Brittish character. Her head has light skin and she has teal eyes. She grows blond hair and wears gold and brass goggles and gold earings. She has a robotic body colored brown and gold, has a pink center in her chest, gold hands and limbs, brown boots, and a gold wind-up key on her back.

Game AppearancesEdit


  • Victoria Von Bathysphere's name may come from an English dessert, Victoria Sponge Cake.
  • Victoria is part robot. You can see by her mechanical body and limbs.
  • Victoria is very advanced, having a house, train, garden, bakery, and lab.
  • When Victoria was a kid, she had white hair and wore glasses.
  • Victoria has a bipolar disorder, causing her to worry a lot.